Resist squeezing spots!

We all know the temptation to squeeze a whitehead spot is huge but try to resist! Popping a spot may be satisfying at the time but it can actually damage the healthy skin around the spot and allow the infection to spread, leading to even more spots!

How to prevent spots in the first place

Here are our top tips to help prevent spots everyday

  • Get into a Routine - Cleanse your skin twice daily with a face wash like CLEAN & CLEAR® Foaming Face Wash and CLEAN & CLEAR® Morning Burst Facial Cleanser, or a face scrub like Morning Burst Facial Scrub. These products will help wash away excess oil produced by your skin and avoid pores becoming blocked with dirt, make-up and dead skin cells.
  • Keep your hands away! - The less you touch your face, the less dirt and bacteria will spread onto your skin. Always wash your hands before applying make-up or when you need to re-touch your face!
  • Style your hair away from your face -Natural oils from your hair can add to the problem if it gets onto your face. A good way to avoid this is to tie your hair up away from your face. How about a braided plait, insert a hair doughnut or a relaxed low-side bun for a different look that also helps keep skin CLEAN & CLEAR®!
  • Over cleaning is a big no no! - Yes the temptation is to attack your spot over and over again with scrubs, washes and lotions but too much washing can actually make your skin behave even worse as you start to remove key protective oils in your skin leading to dryness in some places and even more oil production in others! Stick to washing twice a day.
  • Source: NHS Live Well: